Thursday, 13 April 2017

Airbrushing miniatures and when it can be bad. A rant about warhammer, painting and stuff.

So I was painting these figures again back in 2014. I have painted miniatures for most of my adult life with large breaks.

The stuff I painted in 2014 was airbrush  heavy. I had just got into painting again and in retrospect I was so enamored with the way the airbrush applied highlights and shade I couldn't really be arsed to use a brush at all. My miniatures look nice on display, bright colours and are acceptable "good" paint jobs. In the flesh under the human eye....
 Now as soon as you look through a magnifying lens or photograph they are total fucking garbage. Like washes running all over, missing paint, Missed details... My miniatures are 5/10 at best.

I realize now either my eyes are fucked OR I had been doing something seriously wrong..

Too much tech.
Airbrush, clear paints, texture paints, washes, application sponges, thinners, mediums, brushes, palettes, More paints, smaller nozzles, special paints.. The list goes on.

I have never really been creatively artistic. I can follow guides and "paint" by numbers as such but have always felt a need to express creativity - figure painting was something that fitted the bill.
 That being said - there is an issue therein. I have never been taught or read any of the "basics" any painter should be aware of.

I kinda knew this was a thing but being a lazy sod I never bothered to read anything about it until very very recently.
You can paint a model as neat as a boss but if you pick red and green its going to clash like a bitch. A little understanding of colour theory is essential if you want to create good paint schemes.
I had no idea - I would look at average painted models and think "THAT LOOKS FUCKING ACE" and then think.. But mine are neater, with better highlights.... WHY IS THAT BETTER?

Colour theory is the answer.

I have perhaps 100 - 150 pots of paint. I have maybe 50 brushes... I have THOUSANDS of unpainted and often rare miniatures. The ones I have painted I often strip as I am not satisfied with the paint job....

I have HAD too much shit.

I have stored most of the paints and models away. I have a selection of basic paints and if I need a certain colour I will check my stash and get it and add it to my current selection.
This helps me be organized and remember exactly what shades I am using.
I have 3 brushes and invested in 1 Newton & Winsor series 7 size 2. I use the airbrush for undercoats, and zenithal highlighting NOT for every job I can. The airbrush is a great tool but overusing it makes for shit paint jobs in all honesty.

Back to Basics.
With my kit being stripped to basics I took my style back to basics. I would often spend hours highlighting, washing, layering standard rank and file models using so much different technique it all became lost and honestly a fucking jumbled up mess.
I have found my models look better with a super solid base coat chosen from the colour wheel using a basic complimentary colour scheme. The face requires more attention with the eyes being the focus of the entire model.
I know the above is basic shit to the accomplished painter, but I only wish someone would have told me that a few years ago!
To be updated soon with some basic but hopefully better models.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It has been awhile... Been on hiatus from painting but thought I would share these Sons Of Medusa Space Marines - Rogue Trader era pewter (white metal) models. Just a squad of 5.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Space Hulk - Heroes of the Imperium

Heroes of the 1st Company

Sergeant Lorenzo

Over six hundred and fifty years old, Sergeant Lorenzo is a veteran of more wars than any other Terminator in the 1st company. Despite his achievements one day of failure haunts Lorenzo. As a Space Marine in a squad of the 3rd Company, Lorenzo was one of only fifty warriors to escape the disastrous boarding action six hundred years ago. His battle-brothers were butchered around him and though absolved of all responsibility, he continues to question his own courage and commitment. Every day Lorenzo is haunted by these thoughts, and every night for six centuries he has prayed for a chance to redeem himself. Now he must seize that chance.

Brother Valencio

The scouring of the Sin of Damnation is Brother Valencios first combat action since his induction into the 1st company. Having served the Blood Angels for less than one hundred years, Valencio is young by the standards of the Terminators, but has earned his place amongst them with his forthright, courageous actions in a dozen wars. To the other members of squad Lorenzo he is still an untested youth, desperate to impress Lorenzo ever since the Sergeant saved Valencio's life during the Threxian Cataclysm. Even for one of the Blood Angels Valencio is eager, some would say foolhardy, but his valour is beyond question.

Brother Goriel

In his former life on the irradiated planet of Baal, Goriel was the leader of a vicious gang of brawlers known only as the Murder Elite. Though his morals were questionable, the psycho-conditioning process of the Adeptus Astartes have fused his natural ferocity with the discipline of a true Space Marine. He earnt great honours as an Assault Marine, once serving with dedication in the Honour Guard of Captain Raphael. Since joining the 1st Company twenty years ago he has become a highly valued member of Squad Lorenzo.

Brother Zael

Zael has communed with the Emperor every day of his life since he was an infant on the red-trails of Baal's dust sea. He rarely smiles, but within his breast burns the fire of hope. His own transformation from a scavenging mongrel to one of the emperors own chosen is proof that the Blood Angels can overcome all obstacles. Zael carries the squads heavy flamer, which he uses to bring purifying flame to the wretches who oppose the Imperium. Zael knows that Humanity is destined to rule the stars. In fact, he intends to make sure of it. His self belief and unshakeable courage make him a reliable and reassuring presence within Squad Lorenzo.

Brother Deino

Brother Deino has fought alongside Sergeant Lorenzo for the best part of a century. He has been awarded the Chapter Marksmanship award many times over the years, displaying an almost supernatural accuracy on the firing range and in battle. Like his fellow Blood Angels, Deino prides himself in the pursuit of perfection and has raised marksmanship to the state of the art. As well as his Badge of the Marksman, he carries the customised storm bolter that earned him such reward. Deino combines quick reactions with nerves of steel, and his battle-brothers take great pride and comfort from his calm and effective shooting.

Sergeant Gideon

Sergeant Gideon is considered to be something of a maverick individual, happy to flaunt doctrine and tradition if need arises. This is no more evident than his choice of weaponry. Gideon was once a member of a Terminator Assault Squad, but upon being promoted to Sergeant replaced his thunder hammer and storm shield with the customary storm bolter and power sword. In the next battle his armour seized up after being hit by a round from an Ork gun and Gideon declared that it's machine spirit had been offended by the change of armament. Ever since, he has refused to relinquish his beloved thunder hammer and storm shield again.

Brother Noctis

Bearer of the title of Castellan of the Black Tower, Brother Noctis is as solid and dependable as a rock. Sergeant Gideon has come to rely on Noctis' clear head and immovable patience over the years. Though Noctis is jokingly criticised for being boring, having little imagination and obeying all of his orders to the letter, sometimes those are the exact qualities a commander needs most. If a rusted grate or dank tunnel needs guarding, then by the Emperor, Brother Noctis will guard it to the best of his ability or die in the attempt.

Brother Omnio

Amongst the aesthetically-minded Blood Angels, Omnio is something of an oddity; he is driven by logic and intellectual curiosity. He is analytical, distant even, a quality that sometimes raises suspicions amongst his battle-brothers but also ensures that in the heart of a fight he is clear headed and can be relied upon for vital tactical analysis. Gideon once joked that Omnio was a servitor who had been promoted to the 1st company by mistake. Unsurprisingly, Omnio didn't see what was funny about that.

Brother Scipio

Brother Scipio is a fast acting warrior who thinks on his feet and adapts to new situations with astonishing speed. He has been marked out as potential Terminator Sergeant material, but his lack of communication has held him back. Scipio is just as likely to set off on his own initiative as to pass on his insights to other members of the squad. However, Scipio's resourcefulness has extricated the squad from certain death on more than one occasion.

Brother Leon 

Brother Leon doesn't say much, but his devastating assault cannon is eloquent enough for the both of them. For Leon, there's only one thing that matters in battle: kill ratio. The more targets presented by the foe, the happier Leon is. When not fighting, Leon fastidiously maintains his weapons and armour, making small adjustments, adding his own litanies and benedictions to their machine spirits. This has caused some controversy with the Techmarines of the Chapter, who have repeatedly requested that Gideon bans Leon from the armoury when unaccompanied by one of their order.

Lexicanium Calistarius

One of the battle-psykers of the Blood Angels Librarium, Calistarius is an honorary member of the 1st company for the Sin of Damnation boarding. The Librarian's powerful mind and supernatural abilities set him apart from his battle-brothers, an isolation he seems to encourage. Calistarius has faced the horrors of the warp and daily wrestles with damnation and temptation. As a result Calistarius finds it difficult to look upon his fellow Space Marines with any empathy. In truth, he inhabits an entirely different sphere of existence, but his precognitive powers and devastating psychic blasts are a priceless asset to Captain Raphael.

Into the Warp!

 Brother Claudio

A warrior in Terminator Assault Squad Leodinus, Claudio is skilled at close-quarters combat. His preferred armaments are a pair of deadly lightning claws. Thousands of foes have fallen beneath Claudio's blades over the centuries and he is lauded amongst his battle-brothers for his unflinching dedication to his brothers. Aboard the Sin of Damnation Claudio's fellow squad members were slain by a surprise genestealer attack and now he is filled with cold fury and bloodthirsty desire for vengeance.

The dead marine and the CAT

This Terminator is deceased.. he is no more.
Cyber-Altered Task units ("CATs") are mechanical constructs designed to perform simple tasks, like inorganic servitors Programmed with a set of very simple instructions, they are occasionally used by the Adeptus Mechanicus and some chapters of the Adeptus Astartes as remote probes and retrieval units.
As of M41, CATs had been in service with both bodies for several centuries, or even millenia, although the Mechanicum and the Astartes prefer the versatility and expertise of a servitor or a Scout, respectively. Nevertheless, constructing CATs is a popular hobby for Mechanicus Adepts and Techmarines, who claim that the activity is a useful meditative exercise, and CATs are frequently underfoot at any shrine to the Omnissiah.
In fact, some suspicious members of the Inquisition have observed that their creators seem to treat their CATs almost like pets, though the Mechanicum claims to be above such emotional attachments.

CATs were deployed by the exploratory team sent from the Reclaimers Space Marines aboard the space hulk Spawn of Damnation.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Space Hulk 2014 WIP

Almost finished the top notch Space Hulk Terminators - a pleasure to paint and i think they have ultimately come out ok.